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Health Benefits

You are eligible to participate on date of hire and must enroll within 30 days of hire. Take these six steps to take advantage of all the great plans and programs Ancestry offers:

  1. Look for an action item in your Workday inbox.
  2. Select the plan that you would like to enroll in and who you will be covering.
  3. Add dependents to your benefit plan. Select “Continue” to move to the next screen.
    Note: If you haven’t yet entered your dependents’ Social Security numbers, please enter them during this step.
  4. If you are choosing a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP), be sure to select a Health Savings Account (HSA). Even if you do not plan to contribute your own money, you’ll receive free money from Ancestry as long as you elect an HSA. If you choose to contribute toward your HSA, you can change your contribution or stop contributing at any time.
  5. Select beneficiaries for your plans. If you’ve added your dependents, they will be listed as beneficiaries. If not, you may create a new beneficiary.
  6. On the Benefit Elections Review page, review your elections and confirm enrollment. Select “I Agree” and then “Submit” to finalize.

If you do not select “Submit,” your elections have not been made, and they will not be saved.

New medical ID cards will be mailed to your home approximately 10 days after your enrollment has been processed.

Financial Benefits

Based on your employment status, you’re eligible to participate in our 401(k) plan on the first day of full-time employment. After the close of the first payroll period following your hire date, follow these instructions to access your account and get started.

Managing your money is an important part of life. Ancestry wants to make it an easier part by offering you a free online credit union through Alliant Credit Union. Your entire family is eligible for membership. Get started on your savings journey today!


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