Fitness Reimbursement Program

Starting or staying with a fitness routine isn’t always easy, but Ancestry is here to help. Our fitness reimbursement program allows you to choose your own approach to getting and staying healthy. If you’re a full-time employee, Ancestry will reimburse you up to $30 per month for fitness membership fees. Spouses and dependents are not eligible for reimbursement.


Fitness reimbursement is available to all full-time U.S. employees who are active at the end of the month for which they’re requesting reimbursement.

Eligible Expenses

Eligible fees include enrollment fees and annual or monthly fees for classes or memberships, such as:

  • Gym membership
  • Community center
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Boxing or kickboxing
  • Barre
  • CrossFit
  • Martial arts
  • Swimming
  • Boot camps or exercise programs
  • Orangetheory
  • Dancing
  • One-time race entry fee up to $30
  • Virtual live fitness classes
  • App-based fitness classes


The fitness reimbursement program does not cover expenses such as:

  • Home gym equipment
  • Bicycles
  • Workout DVDs
  • Training modules
  • Fitbits or other tracking devices
  • Clothing and accessories

If you’re already submitting receipts through the UHC Rally program, you’re not eligible to be reimbursed through the fitness reimbursement program.

Reimbursement Guidelines

  • You must be employed at Ancestry at the time that the reimbursement payment is made.
  • You must submit your reimbursement requests no later than the fifth of the month for expenses from the previous month.
  • All receipts submitted must clearly identify the fitness center, date (which must fall within the eligible month), and amount to be reimbursed. Credit card statements or screenshots from banking accounts will not be accepted.
  • All receipts must display your name. Spouses and dependents are not eligible for this reimbursement.
  • Maximum reimbursement will be $30 per month for employees only.
  • You’ll be able to submit receipts for the current month only.
  • You’ll receive reimbursement in your paycheck at the end of the month for the previous month’s expenses. (For example, payment on December 31 will be for November’s fitness expenses.)
  • Unused funds are not carried over from month to month.
  • If you are on leave, you are only eligible to request reimbursements for the months you’ve worked. While on leave, you will not have access to single sign-on to access Espresa; to process your reimbursement, please email

Tax Liability

The reimbursement amount will be reported as taxable income to the Internal Revenue Service and is subject to FICA, Medicare, federal, state, and local taxes.



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