Jury Duty

If you are called upon to serve on a jury or are subpoenaed to be a witness in a legal proceeding by a valid court order, you will be granted time away for this purpose. Employees who receive a notice to appear in such a proceeding must promptly notify their manager and People Partner and show any related documents or notices from the court. Regular (exempt or non-exempt) employees will continue to receive their regular salary for any absences of ten calendar days or less for jury duty or witness service in a calendar year. If you are selected to serve on a jury for an extended period of time, please notify your manager and People Partner. Employees on jury duty or witness service must return to work promptly if their duty or service ends sufficiently in advance of the end of the regular working day for the employee to return to the office in time to complete a reasonable amount of work before the close of business on that day. Employees serving as jurors and witnesses should keep their managers updated daily as to the expected duration of their jury service.