ID Theft and Fraud Protection

Our ID Theft and Fraud Protection benefits program through MetLife and Aura helps safeguard the things that matter to you most: your identity, money and assets, family, reputation, and privacy.

In 2022, the U.S. FTC reported that Americans lost $8.8 billion to identity theft and fraud (+49% increase from 2021). Aura offers smart, proactive protection to help employees and their loved ones get ahead of online threats. It’s easy to use, all in one app, and accessible across devices. Plus, payments are convenient and easy with automatic payroll deductions.

Watch the MetLife Identity & Fraud Protection Overview video.

Ancestry offers two tiers of coverage for individuals and families. For more information, review the plan document.

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Protection Plus

MetLife and Aura

ID Theft and Fraud Protection
Availability: 24/7/365
Phone: 1-844-931-2872