Flexible Vacation

As much as we love having you as part of the Ancestry family, we know that you also have a family at home to take care of. Whether you need six hours to wait at home for the cable guy or six days for a family trip, the Flexible Vacation policy is designed to fit your unique vacation needs. With the Flexible Vacation policy, which is for full-time, salaried employees, you don’t get a set number of vacation days per year. Instead, you and your manager work together to balance your time-off needs with your work and team obligations.

We think the Flexible Vacation policy reflects the way most of you work. You’re accountable for your workload and getting your job done, and for many employees, that means working eight-hour-plus days or being available nights and weekends. So it’s only fair that you have more flexibility in your vacation time.

We just ask that you work with your manager and coordinate with your team members in advance so that work can continue to move forward while you’re out. And be sure to record your vacation time in Workday.

Note: The Flexible Vacation policy may not be used to cover sick days or for a leave of absence.


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