Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment has closed. Here’s what’s changing for 2022.

Open Enrollment is your once-a-year opportunity to review current benefit elections and make changes, such as:

  • Change medical plans
  • Add or drop dependents
  • Enroll or re-enroll in Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

This page contains information about 2022 Ancestry benefits. The remainder of this site describes your 2021 Ancestry benefits. Please check back in early January 2022 when the site will be updated with 2022 benefit details.

Your Enrollment Checklist

Take these three steps to prepare for open enrollment and sign up for your 2022 Ancestry benefits.

1. Review What’s New for 2022

UHC Medical

  • New ID Cards: All UHC members will receive a new ID card that must be used to access medical and prescription services beginning January 1, 2022. You can also print your new ID cards after January 1.
  • Rally Points: All Rally points must be used by December 31, 2021, otherwise they will be lost and not carried into 2022.
  • Fertility Solutions: Beginning January 1, if you have started or are considering fertility treatment, you may speak with a fertility nurse to get guidance and care best suited for you by calling UHC Concierge at 1-844-333-8019.
  • 2nd.MD: Beginning January 1, you will have access to a virtual expert medical consultation via phone or video to help with questions about disease, cancer, chronic conditions, surgery, medications, and treatment plans by calling UHC Concierge at 1-844-333-8019.
  • UHC Plan Comparison: Review the UHC medical plans to find the one that fits you best by visiting here.

OptumRx Pharmacy

  • Mail Order Prescriptions: Beginning January 1, any automatic and open refills through OptumRx must be re-elected. Any credit card information stored must be re-entered as well. Please call UHC concierge if you need any assistance at 1-844-333-8019.
  • Prescription Coverage: Beginning January 1, there may be a small group of members affected by a change in drug coverage.
    • Affected members will receive a letter from OptumRx by December 15.
    • If you receive a letter, be sure to refill your prescription before December 31, so you have a supply on hand before January 1, 2022.
    • In January, reach out to UHC concierge who can explain the change in coverage and will help you navigate any new authorization requirements, including reaching out to your doctor for you. You can reach UHC Concierge at 1-844-333-8019.

Modern Health Session Increase

  • Therapists: Match with an expert in evidence-based care now with up to 12 covered visits from September 2021 through December 31, 2022.
  • Coaching: Connect with a certified coach to support your holistic goals and guide you through the platform. You now receive up to 12 visits from September 2021 through December 31, 2022, and unlimited texting with your coach.

VSP Vision Enhancements

You now have the opportunity to choose one of the following enhanced options when using your VSP Vision benefits:

  • Retail frame allowance of $250, or
  • Elective contacts allowance of $250 (in lieu of glasses), or
  • Anti-glare lenses covered in full, or
  • Progressive lenses covered in full, or
  • Light-reactive lenses covered in full

Health Savings Account (HSA) Annual Maximums Increasing

The IRS has announced that the individual and family annual contribution limit increased to $3,650 and $7,300 respectively for 2022. Catch-up contributions for those 55 and older remains at $1,000.


Cost of healthcare has increased, and you will see small increases to the plans. Please review the Benefits Guide for 2022 contributions.

2. Watch a Presentation

Have questions? Watch a pre-recorded presentation to learn more about our benefits.

3. Enroll

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Email with benefits questions.

No extensions! After the November 15 deadline, you can only change your benefits elections if you experience a qualifying life event, such as a marriage or the birth of a child. Changes must be made within 30 days of the qualifying event. It’s your responsibility to complete your benefits elections by the November 15 deadline. We cannot make any exceptions if you miss the deadline, select the wrong plan or level of coverage, or fail to enroll the correct dependents.