Keep your teeth in tip-top shape with Ancestry’s dental plan.

MetLife – PDP Plus Network

Annual Maximum Benefit
Individual / Family Deductible (waived for preventive services)
Preventive Services (cleanings, exams, X-rays)
Basic Services (fillings, extractions)
Major Services (bridges, dentures)
Orthodontia Services
Orthodontia Maximum Lifetime
In-Network and Out-of-Network
$25 / $75
Plan pays 100%
Plan pays 80% after deductible
Plan pays 50% after deductible
Plan pays 50%

MetLife Costs

See what both you and Ancestry contribute each month for the dental plan.

For more information, review the plan document.



Dental and Voluntary Medical
Plan/Group Number: 315297
Phone: 1-800-438-6388

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