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While full-time salaried employees work under the Flexible Vacation policy, full-time hourly employees use the PTO policy. Our PTO policy is designed with flexibility in mind, helping you balance your work and your personal life. PTO can be used for any reason you’re out of the office, including vacation, illness, etc.

As a full-time hourly employee, you start accruing PTO on your first day of work and increase your PTO days with every year you work at Ancestry. PTO should be arranged in advance, except for emergency situations, and all time taken must be recorded in Workday.

PTO Accrual

Years of Employment Monthly Accrual PTO Days Per Year Maximum Accrual
1 11.33 hours 17 days 16 days
2 13.33 hours 20 days 19 days
3 14.66 hours 22 days 21 days
4 15.33 hours 23 days 22 days
5+ 16.66 hours 25 days 24 days