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Commuting and Parking Benefits

Getting to and from work isn’t always a joy, but our commuter benefits can make your daily commute a little easier and more cost-effective. 

In Our San Francisco Office

Depending on your commuter preference and arrangement, Ancestry offers commuter assistance for mass transit and mass transit parking.

Mass Transit and Transit Parking

Take the bus, ferry or the train? To encourage the use of public transportation and reduce the expense of commuting to the office, we reimburse your monthly mass transit and transit parking costs up to $260.

Submit your reimbursements through Espresa. Reimbursement is included in your paycheck. Transit reimbursements are paid after the month has ended. For example, approved June parking expenses will be paid in July. If you pay July parking in June, you must wait until August to submit July expenses.

Eligible expenses include:

  • Caltrain daily tickets (if you are not eligible for a Caltrain Go Pass)
  • Daily transit parking at BART, Caltrain, ferry parking lots
  • Monthly transit parking at BART, Caltrain, ferry parking lots
  • Clipper receipts

Important Note: Expenses for public transit and public transit parking fees (e.g., parking at a BART or Caltrain station) are the only eligible expenses to receive the monthly reimbursement. There is no reimbursement for bike or garage parking near or at the office.

Caltrain Go Pass: Ancestry offers a free Caltrain Go Pass. To enroll, complete this survey. After your enrollment is confirmed, you’ll get a sticker to affix to your ID badge that allows you to use Caltrain for unlimited rides through any zone seven days a week.

Reimbursement Guidelines:

  • You must submit your reimbursement requests no later than the 5th of the month for expenses from the previous month.
  • All receipts submitted must clearly identify the transit or parking supplier, date (which must fall within the eligible month), and amount to be reimbursed.  Credit card statements or screenshots from banking accounts will not be accepted.
  • You’ll be able to submit receipts for the current and prior month only. 
  • You’ll receive reimbursement in your paycheck at the end of the month for the previous month’s expenses. (For example, payment on October 31 will be for September transit expenses.) 
  • Unused funds are not carried over from month to month.
  • If you are on leave, you are only eligible to request reimbursements for the months you've worked. While on leave you will not have access to single sign on to access Espresa, to process your reimbursement please email [email protected].

In Our Salt Lake City Office

Ancestry offers assistance to help with your commute to work. To recognize the cost of commuting in Salt Lake City, Ancestry is providing $85.00 per month ($42.50 per pay period) to full-time employees for TRAX, FrontRunner or monthly parking.