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Important Transition Information

Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA) Administrators Have Changed to UHC/Optum Bank

As communicated during 2020 Open Enrollment, we are pleased to announce that effective January 1, UHC/Optum Bank has become our new FSA/HSA administrator, replacing Navia and Avidia Bank (Navia’s banking partner).

Why Did We Move to UHC/Optum Bank?

We listened to your feedback, and made this change to allow for an integrated experience with our UHC health plans, which for many employees will mean:

  • Less paperwork and quicker claims reimbursement
  • Paying for claims from the portal, whether you are on our UHC or Kaiser plans, or not on our medical plans at all
  • Autopay features to pay claims
  • Viewing your current balance through the portal

Here’s What You Need to Know Now:

  • There will be no change to the current employer HSA contribution. All 2020 HSA payroll contributions will be deposited starting on 1/15/2020 into your new Optum Bank account if you elected the UHC HSA $1,500 or $2,500 plan for 2020.
  • Your Navia/Avidia HSA Bank account is yours, whether you decide to keep it at Avidia or transfer to Optum Bank.
  • You may transfer your Navia/ Avidia HSA bank account to Optum Bank after your Optum Bank account has been established in January 2020. Additional information can be found in the HSA FAQ.
  • If you had an HSA account in 2019 but did not elect an HSA for 2020, you will not have an Optum Bank account. You may choose to keep the funds with Avidia Bank or  transfer your funds to another personal HSA bank account, but you will be responsible for any applicable fees to maintain the HSA account.
  • You should continue to submit all claims incurred in 2019 to Navia for reimbursement by 3/31/20.
  • If you elected a FSA or HSA for 2020, UHC/Optum Bank will provide you a new FSA and/or HSA card by early January that should be used for 2020 expenses. All 2020 expenses can be reimbursed through UHC/Optum Bank.

In order to prepare you for the transition, please refer to our FSA Frequently Asked Questions and HSA Frequently Asked Questions for details on how the transition could impact you.

Avidia 2020 Fee Schedule PDF

Optum Rollover Transfer PDF